leihu.com is the personal dominion of James A. Mathias. Father of four, husband of one. Internet improver, gamer, fitness amateur, artist, writer + outlaw. You'll always find him here, where he draws, writes and shares too much.

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Thoughts is a collection, where you will discover personal tales, experience fictional twists and get lost in the reality of my dream world. Expect to be entertained, educated, shocked, offended or overjoyed. I don't hold back and often cross the lines set by society for acceptable human behavior. If I didn't cross those lines, it would make for some boring reading. Wouldn't it?

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Creations is a historical account of my sixteen years of web design and development. I've spent a great deal of that time consistently moving my craft forward. I've used a variety of tools and techniques to accomplish what you'll find below, but my philosophy has always been to continually practice and learn. I love what I do, and universe willing, I'll be happy doing it for another sixteen years.

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Nothing means anything

Kurt Vonnegutcirca 1970