v. 65.0.2

  • Added situations, and solutions to created entries

v. 65.0.1

  • Changed background-color of badge--nsfw
  • Removed Thoughts RSS link from menu, since the RSS feed doesn't exist.

v. 65.0

  • Changed everything. launched version sixty-five.

v. 64.0.4

  • Changed location of top menu on large screens

v. 64.0.3

  • Added a top menu to large screens
  • Removed h1 from library overview
  • Removed bottom border from txt-explicit

v. 64.0.2

  • Removed h1 from listing, and search results templates

v. 64.0.1

  • Fixed a scrolling bug in Firefox

v. 64.0.0

  • Changed everything. launched version sixty-four

v. 63.1.1

  • Changed the intro text for created section to better match my current ideals
  • Changed categories for the created section to better match work presented
  • Removed zip code from contact info in created section
  • Added abbr to state abbreviation in created section
  • Added proper address markup for search spiders in created section

v. 63.1.0

  • Changed The entire created section

v. 63.0.4

  • Fixed bug preventing jQuery from loading on Chrome 45
  • Fixed a bug causing a bg color and padding collapse for search in chrome

v. 63.0.3

  • Added leihu logo to menu slide out

v. 63.0.2

  • Fixed a bug with relationship data to display incorrectly in some thoughts

Websites are organic, never finished.

What follows is documentation of changes, removals, fixes, and additions to leihu.com. This change log will serve as record of my indecisiveness and inability to be happy with my own works.