v. 63.0.4

  • Fixed bug preventing jQuery from loading on Chrome 45
  • Fixed a bug causing a bg color and padding collapse for search in chrome

v. 63.0.3

  • Added leihu logo to menu slide out

v. 63.0.2

  • Fixed a bug with relationship data to display incorrectly in some thoughts

v. 63.0.1

  • Changed cite and p visual style inside blockquote
  • Changed SEO images: touch, default cover, and favicon

v. 63.0.0

  • Changed All the things (full redesign)

v. 62.5.4

  • Changed logo to .svg from .png

v. 62.5.3

  • Changed the way search is displayed
  • Fixed a bug that caused the search field to have rounded corners on smaller screens

v. 62.5.2

  • Changed display of headings
  • Changed text for sub headings in collect section
  • Fixed a bug that caused faded text not to be faded
  • Changed visual display of hr
  • Fixed a bug that made some headings break the layout on smallest screens
  • Fixed a bug that caused .header-ctrls to break on small screens

v. 62.5.1

  • Removed gaming section from life page
  • Added games page
  • Added "recently played" to games sidebar
  • Added visual indication to abbr tags
  • Changed heading text on recommended page
  • Added shadow to created listing items

v. 62.5.0

  • Changed listing display for created section

v. 62.4.6

  • Added a shadow to created images
  • Changed a lot of CSS code, cleaning and reducing.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an extra border on .home-preview
  • Fixed a bug that caused a extra pixel to appear when on smaller screens in the .nav-site
  • Fixed updated the CSS to the latest version of responsabones
  • Changed category headings for thoughts knowledge, music, games and movies
  • Changed bg color, and color for .search-form
  • Changed size of close button for .nav-item-search
  • Changed visual display of recommended section
  • Added ability to close modals with esc keypress
  • Fixed a bug that causes .comic-list to overflow oddly
  • Changed the colors on the logo skull

v. 62.4.5

v. 62.4.4

  • Added Font Awesome support
  • Changed display of social links in thoughts entries
  • Changed display of .related-list in thoughts entries
  • Changed line-height on thoughts .written entries
  • Changed display of main navigation links

Websites are organic, never finished.

What follows is documentation of changes, removals, fixes, and additions to leihu.com. This change log will serve as record of my indecisiveness and inability to be happy with my own works.