I built this using mind bullets, that's telekinesis guest!

leihu.com is designed, built, and curated by James A. Mathias. Photography and moral support by Lu Mathias, except where noted.

James chose Eskorte Latin by Elena Schneider as the base typeface. Additionally he uses Font Awesome by Dave Gandy to create responsible iconography through out.

leihu.com is built on ExpressionEngine, a robust and popular CMS made by EllisLab. James uses Adobe Photoshop to design the visual elements; Sublime Text to write the HTML, CSS, and jQuery; Grunt to compile and minify his code; And last, but not least Transmit to get everything up on his Nexcess server.

leihu origins

leihu.com was born on February 6/2001. I found the name in a Chinese hanzi dictionary that I used for drawing reference. I was looking for something unique, short, and representational of me.

It's pronounced lay who.

The name is the phonetic spelling of the Mandarin hanzi and . The word léi translates to thunder, and to tiger.

I chose (léi) because it's comprised of thirteen strokes, my last name Mathias starts with the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, and Liam (my only son at the time) was born on the thirteenth. I chose (hŭ) because it's the Chinese zodiac sign both Liam and I were born under, albeit twenty-four years apart.

The sixty-fifth (LXV) design launched on February 28/2017.