Life & Times

James A Mathias is a 40 year old father of three, husband of one. He fancies himself an artist, writer + outlaw and loves gaming with his family and friends. During the day James helps make the Internet better, or at least tries. Below are some pictures and hidden facts about James. His ego, Jim expects you to read into them.

James Mathias — 2014 Self Portrait

This is me, how I look.

Together for eighteen years, my wife Lu and I are closer and more in love than ever. Together we've collaborated and created three wonderful boys, who are growing into strong, smart, and lovely men.

Playing and collecting games is my hobby du-jour, and I love it.

I'm a recovering foodaholic, and I struggle with that on a hourly basis. But, I try my best to take it one hour at a time, and stay as healthy as I can. I try to do a bunch of exercises in a row.

I hang out on-line a lot, it's my job after all. Anywhere you see a jmathias or a jmathiasxiii, chances are you just ran into a cyber-instance of me.

Feel free to friend, follow, or otherwise add me to your connection collection.

My three sons

These are my sons. Liam, Bryce and Cameron. They are the best of Lu and I. They complete and fill our family. I thank God everyday for giving me to the opportunity to help guide these three future men to greatness. I love them with all my being. And I am proud of each of them in different ways.

Liam — 2014 Dharmafrog
Bryce — 2014 Dharmafrog
Cameron — 2014 Dharmafrog

Those three smiles have all changed my life in different, grand and fantastic ways. I owe those boys everything I am, and I hope one day to return the favor ten-fold.

I'm truly blessed and honored to be their father.

Home, is where the bills are sent

This is Hendersonville, Tennessee. Our current home.

Hendersonville, TN — 2014 Dharmafrog

Lu and I met in Arizona where Liam was born and we found our first cat Trinity Maree. When Liam was two we decided to get adventurous, packed up a small u-haul and headed north to Oregon where Bryce was born, and my web career really started.

In two-thousand and four we decided to buy a house. My mom convinced us to move further north to Idaho, to be closer to grandma, and where our third son Cameron was born. We found our puppies Dominus King and Temperance Joy, and Dali Salvadora our second cat.

In two-thousand and eight I was offered a great job in Tennessee with Paramore Digital (Paramore|Redd at the time). In two-thousand eleven I got an opportunity to work for Amazon in Washington, we lived in Seattle for ten months.

I found my current job while at Amazon. It afforded us the opportunity to move back to Tennessee, where we met Penelope Grace and Kaylee Fyre, two more pups. We bought a new home, just north of Nashville.

Game room, Terrence

This is my game room, I call him Terrence. I spend my time here when I'm not writing, drawing or working. My sons hang out with me here. Lu plays these games with me. I have over 180 games at the time of this writing. But my collection is consistently growing, in fact I probably received a delivery from CoolStuffInc, while you were reading this.

Games I heart

Here are my favorite games (right now)