How to use Live Preview in ExpressionEngine

Starting in ExpressionEngine 4.1 you can give content editors, clients, and yourself a way to preview content in the context of the appropriate front end template, in real time.

2018 — September

2017 in paper and wood

2017 was a great year for gaming overall. Which is terrific, considering it made for a great distraction from the world’s woes, and things I can’t control, but inevitably worry about.

2018 — January

The Red Ball

I remember the first time I saw the red ball.

2017 — October

Seven Shades of Gray

You’re currently gazing upon the sixty-fourth version of this website. Don’t dwell on that number, it’s quite large, and it says something about me that I don’t suppose I’m really ready to admit.

2017 — May

2016 in paper and wood

Last year I played 124 different games, 80 of which were new to me. Interestingly, I only had around 180 plays logged, which is pretty low for me.

2017 — January

Sammy Jankis, The End?

There was no time to react between hearing the glass explode inward, and the intense blast of light and sound. “Lu! Alex!” Sammy yelled, his ears were ringing, he couldn’t see. He heard the gun shots, two, maybe more.

2016 — October nsfw

Sammy Jankis, Part 7

2016 — July nsfw

Love is…

2016 — June

Sammy Jankis, Part 6

2016 — June nsfw

Raw and Exposed

2016 — May

Sammy Jankis, Part 5

2016 — March nsfw

Sammy Jankis, Part 4

2016 — March nsfw