This morning Sammy Jankis woke up in the alley between a restaurant and his apartment. His clothes filthy with last night.

Sammy’s bones creaked and popped, muscles tightened as he pushed himself from his resting place on the cold slab betwixt the dumpster and the recycling. He made an awkward pose as he straighted up and stretched into the morning sky.

If you were to ask Sammy why he woke up here, he’d look at you not unlike a dog that thinks you have food. Fact is he didn’t have any more information on the topic than you did. Fact is Sammy woke up in strange places more than familiar ones.

Swiping downwards on his pants and shirt knocking loose the debris and stink of last night’s bed, blinking the sleep out of his silver eyes. Sammy squints across the alley to his apartment, thinking he sees his landlord hammering fists on his door, 13a.

Shit. Rent’s due.

Sammy scrambles down the alley towards the salvation of the street beyond.

His landlord relents and leaves the search for tomorrow.