Sammy emerges from the alley onto the sidewalk and into an impossibly brighter sun, piercing his sleep filled eyes. He presses his weary palms into his eye sockets and rubs and presses for what seems like forever, trying desperately to get his eyes to catch up with the rest of his body.

Sammy’s vision is blurred, tiny lights flashing across his peripheral, rapidly blinking as his hands fall away. Across the street he sees escape from the oppressive sun, a bodega. He playfully dodges cars as he crosses the street, about one hundred feet from a crosswalk. Horns of annoyed drivers blaring into the morning. Sammy just smiles and spins and jumps and twists his way across.

As he enters the bodega Sammy spots his girlfriend near the back looking at the milk case. For some reason he’s avoiding everyone this morning so he ducks down the left most aisle, hoping Lucy will come back up the middle and be on her way. Sammy is looking for orange juice to help soothe his dry mouth. Unfortunately said juice is stored right next to the milk. Suspiciously crouched peeking around the end cap, she’s gone. He looks up at the long mirror above the aisles trying to locate her.

“Hi Sammeee!” She’s right behind him.

Shooting up and spinning around with a grin across his face, but regret in his heart, “Hi babe!” He fakes excitement.

“What are you doing in here Samuel?” “I was just on my way to your place!”

“Oh, um, well…” Sammy’s mind spun as he tried to find explanation.