Lu stands frozen, eyes wide, she can’t move. Sammy is frozen too, stiff as a board, hand tightening on Lu’s.

“Who the fuck are you?” Barks the small man again, this time with more force, and wave of his hand to the two trees standing on either side of him.

The lumbering giants move quickly, muscles rippling and smothered in tattoos. These almost identical mountains look as if they’d not think twice about killing Sammy and Lu and dumping them back in the alley from whence they came.

Sammy snaps out of his deep freeze first, Lu follows his lead.

Sammy grabs a bowl of hot soup, Lu a kettle of tea.

Sammy and Lu hear the now soaked men grunting and panting as they scramble and give chase. Sammy and Lu burst through the front door of the Golden Shrimp into the street. The burnt and angry hulks shortly behind, but not as prepared for the bright sun. The monsters lose track of Sammy and Lu as they sprint away.

Still running, but losing steam, Lu looks back to see if they are still being followed. Sammy is an escape machine, she grabs his shoulder and gives the all clear, they both double over, breathing hard and rough. Hands on knees, coughing and spitting.

“Man, that was weird.” pants Sammy through bated breath.

“Weird!? Weird?!” Lu spats, exasperated and fed up.

“Samuel, being around you is a whole lot more than just fucking weird.”

“I know.” Sammy says, partially defeated.

“Lu, we should get back to my place, and lay low for a while.”

Lu reaches for Sammy’s hand and follows him back to his apartment.