Eddy and Daniel Tong slowly made their way back into the Golden Shrimp. Eddy was still rubbing his temple where the tea kettle had landed. Steam rose from Daniel’s shoulders as he tried to blink the hot sun from his eyes.

“Where the fuck are they!” screamed Mr Li.

“Well… sir, they, uh, got away.” Eddy said quietly, looking down and rubbing his bald head and neck.

“They were very fast.” blurted Daniel.

Mr. Li was furious, but dropped it. He knew that the twins weren’t much good to him if they were flustered and stressed. Mr. Li has known these boys their entire lives, and they’re about as dumb as they’re strong, which makes them the perfect henchmen, but imperfect tacticians.

“I need you boys to find them. I don’t know how much they heard, but we need to find out.”

Eddy and Daniel nodded in agreement, but didn’t look up. They feared only one man, and they never dared look him in the eye directly.

“Good.” approved Mr. Li “Now, the man had very distinctive silver eyes, thick red hair, and dresses like he lives in this neighborhood.” he continued, knowing the twins wouldn’t pry. “the girl quite beautiful; dark eyes, hair, and complexion” he paused “If I were to look for them, I’d start at the apartments two streets over, and then check the others until you find them.” he added “They are most certainly together, whereever they are.”

“Yes sir.” chimed the twins in chorus.

“It’s very important we find them, and bring them back here.” Mr. Li instructed “But, if they don’t cooperate, please make sure they don’t talk to anyone else, ever again.”

“Understood.” in chorus again, but this time with a maniac’s glean in their eyes.