The door to Sammy’s apartment hung open, brass hinges clinging desperately to the wood frame, splintered and blown inward. Something had kicked in the door.

Alex entered slowly, hand sliding along the door, then wall. Nervously his voice cracked as he called for Sammy. He could hear rumbling like a distant train coming from the back bedroom.

The front room and kitchen appeared to have been hit by an isolated tornado.

As Alex reached the start of the hallway he mustered the strength to call out again when he heard his name from behind in the form of a sharp whisper. He started, and quickly turned. A small baseball bat of solid oak trembling in his outstretched hand, he was hunched over and sweating.

“Fucks sake Sam!” he said too loudly.

The rumbling stopped.

“Mr Harper! Please. Get out of there” panicked Sammy as he motioned him toward the broken door, back through the debris.

“You want to ‘splain what in the hell’s going on in ‘ere Sam?!” Alex scolded?

Before Sammy could get another word out the Tong twins exploded from the back bedroom leaving that door also hanging on for dear life. They engulfed Alex Harper like a tsunami and charged the front of the apartment where Sammy was cowering and frozen.

Lu spun into the doorway, above Sammy, brandishing dual pepper spays—something she never leaves home without—unleashing the full contents of each directly into the enraged, and trample-happy eyes, noses and mouths of the Tong brothers.

Eddy Tong dropped Alex as he clawed his eyes, screaming—for the second time today. Daniel had fallen to his knees puking onto Sammy’s old shag carpets.

Alex scrambled out of the apartment where Lu grabbed his arm and Sammy’s dragging them both back into the alley where Sammy had woke this morning. They hunched down watching the beasts try to reconcile what just happened.

“We need to get out of here Mr. Harper!” Pleaded Sammy.

“Ok, follow me.” Alex said. “I know a place.”