There was no time to react between hearing the glass explode inward, and the intense blast of light and sound. “Lu! Alex!” Sammy yelled, his ears were ringing, he couldn’t see. He heard the gun shots, two, maybe more.

His vision was coming back, blurred but he was making out shapes and colors. Across the room, he could see Alex slumped against the kitchen cabinets, one of those beasts lumbering above him. Eddie Tong put two more bullets into Alex’s head. Sammy grimaced and recoiled. Alex’s arsenal exposed, yet untouched, he just didn’t have time.

Sammy scrambled to Lu, as she lay bleeding, shot in the stomach. He grabbed her hand it was covered in blood. Her blood. She started to speak, but Daniel yanked Sammy away and threw him into the wall, Sammy hit hard, vision blurring again as he watched Daniel shoot Lu in the chest three times. He screamed her name as he lost consciousness.

Sammy felt the heat of the bullets entering his chest and stomach as Daniel and Eddy Tong shot him six times, three bullets each.

Sammy felt the light escaping him, and his soul slip from his body as he lay dying.

Eddy and Daniel called Mr Li.

“It’s Done.” They chorused.

“Good.” Mr. Li hung up.

The Next morning...

Sammy Jankis woke up in the alley between a restaurant and his apartment. His clothes filthy with last night.

Sammy’s bones creaked and popped, muscles tightened as he pushed himself from his resting place on the cold slab betwixt the dumpster and the recycling. He made an awkward pose as he straighted up and stretched into the morning sky.

If you were to ask Sammy why he woke up here, he’d look at you not unlike a dog that thinks you have food. Fact is he didn’t have any more information on the topic than you did. Fact is Sammy woke up in strange places more than familiar ones.

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