Food. We all need it to survive, some of us however abuse it, not unlike alcohol. I’m one of those abusers.

For thirty-five years I lived under the assumption that I could escape myself through food, I hit four-hundred and fifty-two pounds. Over the last three years I have slowly learned how wrong I’d been. I lost one-hundred and forty pounds, gained back forty, lost twenty, gained sixty and so on and so forth.

I woke up recently and weighed three-hundred and seventy-six pounds. I’d let food win. Again.

I immediately decided to fight back, to not let my life be overrun by the once comforting and debilitating giver and taker of life. I recruited my wife to help, there was no way I could do it on my own. She began planning meals and rationing my food. I rededicated myself to a workout plan and got back to the gym.

Now, I eat when and what she says. Lu plans and prepares six meals daily, all highly nutritious, well rounded, sensibly portioned and fully satisfying. I no longer stress out over food and my cravings are much easier to control. I exercise nine to twelve times weekly.

For the first time in thirty-five years I am completely satisfied and content with food as a source of nutrition and sustenance as opposed to a means of escape.

I have lost forty-seven pounds in the last fifty-five days utilizing healthy eating habits, daily exercise routine and lowering my overall stress levels about food.

I’m gradually escaping a trap of my own making. The cage of fat and stress I’d built around the real me.

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