I have to tell myself many, many times per day this very thing.

I say, “Sir, anything worth having is worth earning”. You see I firmly believe that nothing in life is ever handed to you, no such thing as a free lunch so to speak.

When things get rough, when my mind tries to trick me into being lazy, or bored, or tempts me to give up, I repeat the above mantra over and over again. I find myself saying it a whole lot.

At the gym, during the work day, playing magic, at night before bed.

I feel like it really helps me find that proverbial second wind, when all I want to do is lie down and sleep. It helps pull me out of funks and climb over plateaus and jump out of ruts.

Knowing, that I must earn everything I want out of life gives me a sense of humility and a keen understanding that nothing will be easy come, and everything I have or do will be appreciated and deserved.

This is a reminder. To me. I hope it helps you too.