James Mathias - Made By Few

Around 4 years ago I was invited to speak at an intentionally small design conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, called Made by Few (early bird tickets for 2016 on sale now), the first one in fact. It was a really strong experience for me. Something I really enjoyed, maybe even more than the sweet tea I had in Memphis on the way there and back. It was a road trip from Nashville, so I took the whole crew.

While there I was informed of my gorgeousness by a very nice woman on the corner, who I think had both her husband and baby with her. Really nice people in Little Rock!

Also of note, I had a scuffle with a smallish bell boy as I refused to allow him to carry my bags for me. It’s a blue collar thing, and it runs deep in this old man.

Without further adieu, here is video of the important part of the trip.