A fun new band

by james mathias / 2013 / music

Tigers in Disguise is a great band I discovered this morning via an online video (that’s no longer online), that had one of their songs as the soundtrack. The video was NSFW+MC, it was a Victoria’s Secret holiday Internet ad.

Funny thing, I recognized the voice singing immediately. You see I know the female component of this band in person, I’ve worked with and have been friends with her for years. I’m also a huge fan of her other music projects. So I asked her what the deal was with this video and song, and she linked me off to the band’s homepage (no longer live).

I dug in, and while very different from the music she normally produces, it was just as good. I’m enjoying the record very much, so go check it out and buy a copy if you can, she deserves all the money for her music.

Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.

Salvador Dali circa unknown